Variety Bash's water fight


Water Fight

The $2 Man armed with bodyguards and guns made a big entrance (and a big target) at the Variety Bash's Guinness World record attempt for the world largest water fight on the 4th April in New Plymouth.

Amie and Rebekah rounded up volunteers (bodyguards) to help "protect" The $2 Man and went all out themselves with a belt full of guns strapped around them and one big gun. They also sprayed black and blue hair spray all through their hair with gold sparkles on top.  There were over 2,000 people who attempted the record and goodie bags were handed out by our volunteers thanks to FBC for the lollipops. The $2 Man was a big hit the kids loved him or loved to get him. In the end the bodyguards did their duty and were more wet than The $2 Man was.

It ended up being a great day the bodyguards had fun as well as the person inside The $2 Man (who was dared to do it).  Everybody had a great time.