This Franchise is a “Business Format Franchise” that offers a secure five-year plus five-year franchise agreement.

Currently there are 17 stores in New Zealand.  “The 2n'5 Franchise” is the largest fixed price department store retailer in New Zealand and we have a solid reputation for giving “value for money” to our customers.

Some costs

The size of the store will govern the cost of the fit-out together with the cost of initial stock. Finance can be arranged but you can operate your own business, on a lease to own basis from $70,000.

The ideal unit should have approximately 180m² for retail use and 50m² for storage, office and amenities. Smaller stores will range from 90 - 125m² for retail.

Other Information

If you would like to take your interest in franchising further we would recommend that you get a complimentary copy of:

  1.  “The A.N.Z. (Guide) to Franchising” from the A.N.Z. Bank (
  2. or “Behind a successful franchise...” from any branch of the National Bank (


Prospective Franchisee Steps  

The 8 step process below is necessary to become a Franchisee of "The 2n'5 Franchise". It will ensure that both parties needs and interests are met:

Step 1

Initial letter and Information Pack with Confidentiality Agreement and Request for Consideration sent out to applicant. You can download these two (2) sets of documents from the online application.


Step 2

General telephone discussion (after receipt of Confidentiality Agreement and Request for Consideration).


Step 3

Applicant has a day visit, to meet staff at the franchise office and for a  preview of the franchise operation. Discussing the franchise agreement, operations manual and disclosure document.


Step 4

Letter of approval (or non-approval).  If approved a group directory will be enclosed for you to carry out further investigation with current franchisees of your choice. (A minimum of two).


Step 5

Premises for a 2n'5 Shop approved by The Franchise Office.


Step 6

Franchise Agreement signed.


Step 7


Store design / layout prepared and submitted to you.

Step 8

Applicant then visits the franchise Office for a 1 week training period (3-4 week prior to commencement date).


These steps usually take just a few weeks to complete and if you would like to investigate "The 2n'5 Franchise" further. please mail, email or fax back the Confidentiality Agreement  and Request for Consideration in order that we may proceed to step 2.


Further Information 

Please read though our franchising area to see if "The 2n'5 Franchise" is a concept that you would like to be a part of.

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